Why your Physical Therapy Practice EMR is the best employee in your practice

An employee, who ever calls in sick, never gossips with other employees and never complains about the arrangement of their work station- Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. The best employee in your physical therapy office can you your electronic medical record (EMR) provider, and when used to its full potential it can help you reduce costs while improving physical therapy billing efficiencies and cash flow. Here are a few ways your Physical Therapy Practice EMR can be your most valuable worker:

  • Minimizing Errors
    • Good EMR software will check for missing digits in codes and alert you of other mistakes before the claims goes out the door. Say help to cleaner claims and faster payments. Your physical therapy practice management never looked better.
  • Lost Revenue Watchdog
    • Front Desk staff too bust to keep up with who owes co-pays and who is late on paying their statement balance? Time to enlist the help of a comprehensive EMR, scheduling, and billing software solution. A fully integrated physical therapy software solution should alert you if a patient has checked in and no payment was recorded. No more patients getting past the front desk without making a payment. More money collected at the time of service equals less money in your AR.
  • Billing Rule Know-It-All
    • Medicare coding regulation, FLR, PQRS, payer contract billing rules, state workers’ compensation billing rules- Who can remember all of that? Your EMR can! Your physical therapy EMR software vendor should be up-to-date on all of the billing rules in your area and should be able to add custom billing rules for your practice into their software.
  • Data Mine
    • Want a list of all your patients who were treated last year for low back pain? Or a list of all the patients sent to you from a specific referral source? It would take someone days to compile these lists, but your EMR solution should be able to do this for you, literally, in a matter of minutes.

We know your practice is all about people. The people who make up your staff and keep your business going and the people you treat every day, and computers will never replace people. But when you put the right technology in their hands and use it to its full potential you may unlock the key to take your physical therapy practice to the next level.

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