Why Practice Owners Have Control Issues About Their Billing

If you’re like many rehab practice owners, you haven’t considered the idea of outsourcing your billing to someone else. Or it makes you feel uneasy. How can you trust someone with your receivables who’s not in the next room? There’s a sense of safety when you can poke your head in the door or over the cubicle and check in with your bookkeeping staff at any time.

Yes, those people are indeed accessible. Yet the timely information you need to run your practice is not accessible. It’s buried within stacks of paperwork or software you can’t effectively access. Ask your team for the average A/R days for the past three months or the percentage of A/R that have gone over 90 days and see how they respond. You may get a polite shrug of the shoulders or an offer to put a report together later. But in actuality, there’s not real incentive for them to monitor their own work. And you don’t have effective benchmarks for comparison. For all the accounting that your billing people are responsible for, there is still no real accountability by them when your A/R management is done in-house.

On the other hand, when you outsource your billing to BMS Practice Solutions, you know exactly where you stand financially in real-time – all the time. Plus, we’ll provide you with meaningful reports that not only show you how your practice is doing, but everything we’re doing to help you succeed.

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