What’s Wrong With Your Therapists’ Handwriting?

There are the times when it’s best to put pen to paper – for thank you notes, love letters, or sympathy notes. However, it’s pretty difficult to make a case for physical and occupational therapists to continue doing their patients’ paperwork by hand, even if it is legible.

Sure it’s quicker to write notes by hand, but then what? How does it help a practice run more efficiently? How does it contribute to a clinic’s bottom line? It doesn’t.

It requires practice owners like you to rifle through stacks of patient files on a daily basis in order to have any control over the quality of the information in your staff’s notes. And that’s simply not realistic.

As a result, you can’t be certain if your therapists are properly tracking their patients’ care and meeting all of their compliance requirements for payers’ payments. You can’t see if your staff is consistently proving medical necessity for treatment, selecting the proper codes for compensation, or turning in progress reports or Medicare plans of care for recertification on time.

It most likely leaves you with the feeling that you are operating your business in the dark. Our newly upgraded RevFlow® technology now offers EMR and Scheduling solutions to help you run your clinic with complete 360-degree visibility.

With RevFlow’s fully integrated, web-based technology, you’ll be able to truly see how your physical therapy documentation is being completed, so you can ensure quality care, mitigate risk, and communicate more effectively with physicians and payers. You may even demonstrate patient outcomes for payers which may lead to more rewarding contracts. Perhaps you’ve thought EMR might be right for your practice some day. When you consider all of the advantages that will come from implementing RevFlow, that day has arrived.

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