What to Look Out for with Payer Contracts

One of the most troubling trends we’ve observed with PT and OT practices recently is seeing fees for services drastically reduced by payers. Why is this happening?

Of course, payers are looking to control costs. They want to shift risk away from their companies by implementing per diems, case rates and capitation. However, the overriding reasons are that in this current economic climate, practice owners are afraid to negotiate – or they do not realize, it’s okay to negotiate.

Payers do not hold ALL the power. As you’ll soon discover in this new 4-part series “What to Look Out for with Payer Contracts,” you have more control over what and how you’re compensated than you might think.

Before you sign on the dotted line with a payer, we encourage you to keep visiting this blog. Or better yet, give us a call. We’ve helped many of our clients review payer contracts and strategize ways to counter with a rate that better serves their practice.

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