What They Don’t Teach Physical Therapists in Grad School.

Physical therapists possess a wealth of knowledge about anatomy, biomechanics, medicine, and therapeutic procedures. If we asked any of them about the best ways to treat a frozen shoulder, relieve rotator cuff pain, or prevent falls, he or she would quickly respond with a number of possible approaches. Those protocols would vary depending on the patient. We should know. We’re PTs too.

So where’s the rub? What we’ve often observed with our new clients is that despite this variance in treatments, the one thing most physical therapists do not vary is their approach to coding. Using the right code is like finding the sweet spot on a bat. Your practice will go a lot farther, when your physical therapists learn how to code all of their protocols correctly.

It’s a skill that they did not learn in graduate school, yet it greatly affects your payments per visit, bottom line and overall profitability. It’s also a skill that cannot be replaced by software. It has to be taught by professionals who understand all the nuances of delivering outpatient physical therapy and other outpatient rehabilitation services. Which is why BMS Practice Solutions is here. We not only offer state-of-the-art practice management technology, but a great deal of mentoring too.

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