We are the Biggest Losers for Obesity Coverage

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in America. Medicare knows it will face staggering medical costs if it doesn’t do something to stem the tide of this growing problem. So it now covers preventative services for obesity for primary care physicians and practitioners in primary care settings only.

Under the new regulations, physical therapists do not meet the listed requirements for obesity intensive preventive therapies. Yet we’re certain most physical therapists would argue, “Who better?”

After all, physical therapists are absolutely qualified to provide instruction on exercise and other lifestyle changes. Particularly when many individuals may find it difficult to get on a healthier track with pre-existing conditions such as back, foot, knee, and hip pain caused by excess weight.

In response to this new legislation that excludes the physical therapy profession, the APTA is in the process of gathering data to demonstrate how physical therapy interventions reduce obesity. What supporting evidence or data would you like to see submitted on your behalf by industry representatives?

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