Top 5 Signs Your EMR Isn’t Right For Your Practice

In our last blog post, we discussed why it might be time for you to look at making a change to your EMR system. Aside from your employees and the patients that you see everyday, the most important part of your practice is the technology that powers it. As a key element of your practice’s technology, your can make an impact on your practice’s financial performance. From documentation to making sure your therapists are coding correctly to reporting, your EMR can dictate whether you are getting paid what you deserve or if you are leaving money on the table.

Here are the top 5 signs your EMR solution isn’t right for your practice.

  1. Fully integrated system. Your EMR and Billing solutions are not integrated, built on the same database or not an all-in-one system. Essentially, when you have multiple vendors providing multiple functions in your practice, there is a propensity for errors. Yes, most EMRs provide integration with billing services, however even a well-done integration is not perfect. Integrations are messy! Someone can change something in one system but forget to do the same in the other system. When you have to do duplicate data-entry, this brings in the human factor, which can lead to errors. The only way to assure that your billing is capturing the work that your therapists are doing is by having a FULLY integrated system.
  2. Real-time payer rules. Are your therapists spending countless hours doing addendums because your EMR does not have real-time payer rules? If your EMR does not have real-time payer rules built in, the chances increase for your claims to be denied, billing errors to rise and most importantly hiccups in your CASH FLOW. Does your EMR have real-time payer rules?
  3. Roll-up reporting. If you are an owner with multiple locations and have multiple tax id’s, you need to have an EMR that can roll-up reports for ALL of your locations. Is this easy for your current EMR system?
  4. Real-time patient information. Does your front desk know if there is an outstanding balance when patients check in at the front desk? Or does your front desk have to log in to another system to see key financial information. This information should be readily available to your front desk staff that also allows them to be more efficient with ONE system to check at their fingertips.
  5. Clean claims rate. What is your vendor’s clean claims rate? Most owners will probably say they don’t know this information, but go ahead and ask! Your vendor’s clean claim rate will tell you how well your EMR is performing with your billing system and how much CASH FLOW you are losing out on because of their systems.

If your current EMR can’t make the same claims as BMS Practice Solutions, schedule a demo with us and let us show you how our experience blended with our technology can improve your financial performance.

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