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Do for your physical therapy practice?

The integration of services with technology is essential to the solutions we provide to our clients. Our two solutions offer very different approaches to solving the same problem: how can you run the most effective and efficient physical therapy practice?


provides you with our best in class applications: Therapy Engine EMR, patient and therapist scheduling and practice management combine with our complete A/R management service. We handle everything from claims scrubbing, outgoing claims, payment posting, patient account follow­up, patient statements and denial management.


provides you with the same best in class applications, but a different level of service that allows you to keep control of payment posting and patient account follow up. For larger, established practices with highly effective billing teams in place, this solution significantly reduces costs while providing the same improvements in performance of our RevServe solution.

A more clinically effective and business efficient practice lies ahead.
The choice is yours!

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Validate Provider/Payer Credentials & EDIBMSBMS
Outgoing Claims & Statement ManagementBMSBMS
Clearinghouse/EDI Reports ReviewBMSBMS 90% CLIENT 10%
Denial ManagementBMSCLIENT
Claims and Payer Rules Scrubbing EngineBMSBMS
CCI, LCD Updates Claims EditingBMSBMS
Clearinghouse Vendor FormattingBMSBMS 70% CLIENT 30%
Payment PostingBMSCLIENT
Collections-Follow-­up with Payers & PatientsBMSCLIENT

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