Physical Therapy Scheduling Software

Streamline your scheduling, maximize productivity

Imagine how much more efficiently your physical therapy practice would operate if your therapists could schedule follow-up visits without relying on the person juggling calls and other patients at the front desk? You could set up controls to avoid overbooking. You could ensure that your physical therapists work with the same patients throughout their treatment. And you could make certain that there is adequate time to clean and prep the equipment between treatment sessions. And if you manage multiple locations, you can prepare for high-demand days by bringing in staff from other offices. Scheduling is one more example of how BMS Practice Solutions’ practice management software system will enable everyone in your practice to work more efficiently.

  • Work-Flow Intuitive Design
  • Create, change, & remove appointments with ease
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Wait-list feature to help fill open appointments
  • Customizable scheduling rules
  • Productivity tracking

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