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Jim Hoyme, PT, MBA CEO, Therapy Partners, Inc.

I wish I had partnered with BMS years ago. With their help, we improved our collection rate per visit by 5%. And our DSO dropped from 32 to 28 days. BMS took our network of practices with 20 locations to a whole new level

Bridgit Finley, PT, DPT, OCS Owner, Physical Therapy Central, Inc.

“I wanted to expand my practice but I was hamstrung by my practice management system and collections performance. After choosing the RevEquip software and service solution from BMS, I now use their comprehensive RevFlow system and integrated EMR. After one year my average payments have increased by over $10.00 per visit. Their billing and collections tools have increased my staff productivity by over 30%. I am now planning to open my fourth new location since starting with BMS and I have not had to add any more staff to support the growth.” Prior to BMS we were hand writing our notes. Now all of our treating therapists at our 13 locations complete their patient notes electronically using the RevFlow EMR.”

Tony Hernandez, PT, DPT Owner, Rascal Creek PT

“I chose BMS because they take away the headaches. They are on top of changes in our industry with compliance and Medicare requirements. The trainings and webinars help us understand what changes are coming and so we can implement them into our practice in a timely manner. BMS is part of our team and they are on our side. They are just there for me and I trust these guys. I know that they are always available any time I have questions – BMS is very quick to answers questions and are always responsive. We receive daily emails from BMS staff to maintain and do our work. We have had monthly phone calls or as needed to give us good advice and guidance with ways we can maximize profit.”

Michael Durand Vice President of Business Development, PTSMC

“Billing and collecting was not our core competency. We wanted to find a way to focus on our core competency, which was (delivering superior patient care). Since partnering with BMS, our performance has improved tremendously. Our A/R outstanding improved to 26 days and about 90% of our accounts receivable is under 60 days. We have added 5 locations since our services began with BMS and we love the flexibility to add volume in an instant without the concerns of additional staff and space.

Our revenues per visit have increased remarkably. We have immediate access to data along with the ability to measure any and everything, any time we want. The billing and coding training for our staff has maximized our revenues per visit. The access to information is extremely helpful as we can narrow down the reports to each individual practice. (The quality and quantity of reports available in RevFlow is invaluable.)

Knowing we have dedicated customer service reps (the same consistent person) for our practice makes all of the difference. It’s like having someone on my staff looking out for my practice.

We have access to a management team that is willing to work with us, take our ideas and adapt them into RevFlow. BMS Management is receptive to our ideas and is willing to make enhancements to the technology to meet our day-to-day needs.

This has been one of the best decisions we’ve made as it allows us to focus on the delivery side of patient care.”

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Dr. RM Barney Poole, PT, DPT, ATC Owner, Performance PT

I get a wide variety of reports from RevFlow and look at them quite often. I able to keep track of my therapist to make sure their caseloads are up. I am also able to make sure we are coding correctly. The reports give me relevant information that I use to run my practice.

Jeff Hartline Owner, Southeastern Physical Therapy

“Right from the start, in six months we saw an increase in charges resulting from re-educating our staff on billing procedures. John Wallace’s in-house training on how to bill correctly and accurately was instrumental to our office. This resulted in an increase of about $10 to $12 in payment per visit which is higher than in our region. Also, this positively impacted our bottom line.

BMS’ management reports are very helpful. It allows us to choose multiple fields to look at different pieces of information that enables me to make decisions for the practice.

For example, we have a bunch of managed care contracts all merging. I can go into RevFflow and pull a report that can allow me to negotiate with the contractors. One (contractor) was paying different than the others. I was able to say I wasn’t going to take the lower rate. The RevFlow system is very flexible in that I am able to interface different pieces of data that allows me to make a decision.

I have seen growth in our #of units billed and the receivables that allows me to collect more per visit. The revenue enhancement has allowed me to have more free cash flow to expand my market.”

Dr. Allen Jones CEO and Owner, Dominion PT

“The number of days outstanding has decreased. Additionally, I have seen an increase in revenue and an increase in payer sources. There are 3 KPIs (key performance indicators) where I have seen improvement: payment per visit, better management of A/R and days outstanding.

There is a synergy between our internal staff and the BMS staff. BMS standardized the billing and collections process and streamlines our staff – it takes less staff to get more work done. We have better checks and balance systems.

RevFlow improves time management and task management. It provides snap shots of the performance of my practice.

We have seen a 30% increase in revenue and have seen more deposits then we have seen in our 20 year history. BMS gives us synergistic and efficient out comes.”

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