Physical Therapy Practice Management System - Revflow

Our Fully Integrated Physical Therapy Practice Management System

This best in class web-based application offers complete patient registration and scheduling along with electronic medical record (EMR) capabilities to complete the RevFlow physical therapy billing, management, and reporting suite.


As a BMS Practice Solutions client, RevFlow provides a completely transparent view of how we handle your physical therapy billing and collections in real-time, plus unprecedented control over your scheduling and EMR. Providing a true end-to-end physical therapy management solution for your physical therapy practice. RevFlow technology features a web-based physical therapy practice management platform that provides Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solutions to complement its comprehensive A/R management and reporting services. You’ll know exactly what’s happening with your practice anytime, anywhere.

Unlike other physical therapy practice management solutions, RevFlow offers superior EMR capabilities with minimal scrolling and clicking between data fields. It allows physical therapists to customize the product with their favorite treatments and protocols to save time and ensure that their documentation meets payer standards. RevFlow goes one step further by prompting for accurate procedure codes and the application of payments rules. Learn more about BMS Practice Solutions physical therapy practice management software today. Schedule a complementary practice management demo today.


  • Quick Patient Registration & Appointment Scheduling
  • EMR Management for every stage of a patient’s case from the initial exam to follow-up visits and discharge
  • Insurance Tracking for each patient’s individual case
  • Billing Management & Reporting
  • A/R Management & Collections
  • Analytics to examine your staff’s productivity and performance
  • Access to Resource Center for training, updates and customer support


To ensure that all information remains HIPAA-secure, we use the same top-level security as the financial and banking industry. There is no need to make an investment in additional servers or software upgrades. Your data is stored at our secure data center.

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