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Since we have been helping clients get paid what they deserve for almost 30 years, we have learned a lot about what it takes to help you maximize the profitability of your practice. Over the years we have developed the technology and processes it takes to help you propel your practice’s financial results to the next level. For example, on average, our clients achieve an 8% increase in their PPV after choosing BMS. Often when we share our projections, it’s not uncommon for owners to be skeptical of the results we can help them achieve. So we decided to make it simple, and guarantee the results you will see.

How We Do It

A complete reimbursement analysis

We begin the process by doing a complete reimbursement analysis of your practice to determine how your therapists code, and how the results you are getting compares with other similar clients.

A look at the current resources

We also look at the resources you’re currently using to handle your billing. We then take this data and overlay our expertise to arrive at a result that we feel is achievable after our technology platform and training are implemented in your practice.


We are so confident in this process and what our platform and services can help you achieve, that we will guarantee that the performance objective we agree to will be met. No one else can make this offer, because no one has the experience we have.

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