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There are three components that affect real change
on your Payment per Visit (PPV)


Therapist Charging Behavior
The biggest determinate of PPV is the number of 15-minute timed units you average per patient visit. You should be tracking that number! In order to generate a PPV that is viable to maintain your business operations and maximize what you can get from a fee schedule you need to average over 3.2 timed units per visit (ideally more like 3.5!)


Contract Quality
Before you sign up for a new contract, look and see the fee schedule and understand how they are going to pay you. Take charges from a typical patient visit (97110 x2, 97140, 97530) and see what they payment comes to. Compare that number to what you’re getting paid now in your practice. If there is a large delta between the two it’s problematic, especially if the payment is substantially lower than the PPV you’re getting now across your entire book of business. You should always be signing contracts with an eye to your cost per visit and your PPV. If you sign a contract that pays less than your cost per visit remember, you can’t make it up in volume!


Payer Mix
Payer Mix is a key but often overlooked external factor that can have a big impact on your payment per visit. If a large percentage of your patient population falls under a capped or flat rate per visit contract you have you will have a more difficult time achieving optimal results with your payment per visit.

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