Physical Therapy Billing & A/R Management Software

Lower your physical therapy billing costs and collections with BMS Practice Solutions. See your physical therapy practices’ billing and collections cost reduced in two ways. First, we’ll increase your net collections – by improving therapist coding and documentation and your physical therapists will document more accurately and better account for their patient care time. Then we’ll fine tune and streamline your medical billing to prevent delays in payment. Our physical therapy billing software solution provides an extraordinary real-time database of payer policies and rules. We can spot claims with incorrect codes, incomplete information, and other inaccuracies. Your claims will be thoroughly reviewed, scrubbed and sent out clean. Your denials will go down, in fact, with our industry-leading 98% first pass resolution, your cash flow and speed of collections will improve and we can guarantee it.

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Manage your physical therapy practice in real time with reporting and dashboards designed
by practice owners for practice owners.

In this age of healthcare reform, data is king. Effective management of your resources essentially determines your ability to be a successful and profitable practice. This requires owners, through their business decisions, to be nimble in reacting to changes in their environment and their businesses. RevFlow provides real time data about revenue production, therapist productivity, referral source activity, and many, many more areas. With over 230 reports and dashboards to benchmark, compare and guide you, your practice will be able to transform your practice’s performance. These reports are written specifically for therapy practices with input from our clients and our A/R Management professionals to provide a wide and deep view of your clinical revenue generation and personnel utilization.

Billing Compliance

Are your physical therapy fee schedules in alignment with other practices in your region? Are you unknowingly infringing on rules that could trigger an audit? Are you and everyone else in your practice up-to-date on the latest REGULATIONS AND PAYER RULES? Is there any confusion about how Medicare regulations should be interpreted?

At BMS Practice Solutions, we have the expertise and the medical billing technology to identify instances where your practice may be out of compliance and quickly act to correct them before they become an issue. We will act as a trusted sounding board to answer those complex physical therapy billing questions that your staff hasn’t encountered before or appear to fall into a gray area. You can breathe easy knowing that we will keep you informed about:

  • Medicare Regulations
  • Security Protocols
  • HIPAA Privacy Regulations
  • HIPAA Security Regulations
  • Correct Coding Initiative
  • Private Insurance Payer Policies

Physical Therapy Coding

Your therapists received extensive training to treat patients. However, they did not learn how to complete mounds of paperwork with a multitude of complex physical therapy billing codes and rules. Yet, that is indeed a major part of their job and your success. If they’re not filling in the blanks correctly, you’re left trying to fill in the gaps of your practice’s cash flow. This is another area where BMS Practice Solutions can make a significant difference in your bottom line. We provide client training in the areas of therapist coding, Medicare compliance, and other timely topics through a combination of our BMS Resource Center, live trainings and broadcasted email communications. We’ll show you and your managers how RevFlow monitors and maintains therapist compliance with proper physical therapy coding as well as treatment reports by CPT code. As a result, we’ll help create a culture where correct physical therapy billing coding is rewarded and everyone is working toward maximizing financial performance and patient medical billing.