New Year, New EMR

The beginning of a New Year is when most people make resolutions. Whether it is to lose the extra pounds you put on during the holidays or to spend more quality time with loved ones, the resolutions are to make us an all around better individual. But what about practice owners? The New Year comes and it is time to address key functions in your practice, financial goals and the performance of your staff. Moreover, there is one key element in your practice that affects each one of these – your EMR.

When was the last time you assessed your EMR’s performance? Like some, or if not most, the selection of your EMR was demand specific in that you are mandated by law to have one. The decision was probably largely influenced by your therapist’s likeability and usability of the EMR software.   But did you think about the FULL impact your EMR selection would have on your practice’s performance, ability to get paid and meeting your performance benchmarks? Probably not. So, how do you know if your EMR is not giving you the best chance at a successful 2015? Answer these simple questions to find out:

  1. Can your current EMR guarantee a first-pass claims rate at 98%?
  2. Does your EMR provide Medicare alerts and prompts for required fields and real-time checking of dependencies?
  3. Does your EMR help you track your therapist’s productivity?
  4. Does your EMR vendor provide dedicated customer support that answers your calls and emails in a timely manner?

If you answered no or even maybe to any of these questions, it is time to reevaluate not only your EMR software but also your ENTIRE PT practice management software solution. It’s easy for us to say this because BMS Practice Solutions is the most tenured and experienced company that provides these solutions to our clients. We have a 98% first-pass claims rate significantly higher than the industry standard. Our RevFlow system includes the most compliant EMR on the market providing our clients with updates, training and ongoing support to help their practices succeed. Keeping track of your therapist’s productivity is simplified with our reporting metrics and benchmarks to help you make sound decisions that improve your financial performance. We don’t just supply you with technology and leave you to figure it our – we are your partner that give you the guidance your practice deserves.

Don’t believe us, check out this client testimonial.

So why not schedule a demo and see what BMS can do to elevate your practices performance in 2015?

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