Getting paid is harder than ever!


For 30 years we’ve seen the same scenario play out time and time again with different practices. You’ve put together a mix of different technology solutions to manage your practice and have had to adapt some pretty convoluted and inefficient office procedures in an attempt to keep everything running and everyone happy. Truth is it isn’t working. Your staff is overburdened, and you’re not happy with the results.

There is a better way! Stop managing software and start focusing on your practice! Here are 5 reasons why a fully integrated EMR and billing solution just makes good sense for your practice:

1. Cost-Effectiveness

EMR, billing, clearinghouse, practice management, document management. All of these different systems represent a separate fee. It’s time to simplify and go with One Solution.

2. Compatibility and Integration Issues

If you are not using a fully integrated system your staff is probably doing data entry more than once into multiple systems- Redundant & inefficient.

3. Faster Product Upgrades

How old is your billing software? It may lack critical claim scrubbing technology that can save you time and money. We use the same system our clients use every day so it has to be up-to-date.

4. Unburdening Staff

Imagine what your staff could accomplish if they didn’t all that manual data entry and system work-arounds. The possibilities are endless

5. Increasing Revenue

Despite all your hard work and all the technology you’ve invested in chances are you still aren’t getting paid what you have earned and are owed. It’s time to partner with industry leading physical therapy billing experts.

Now is the time to evaluate your technology and find the right solutions to tighten up your revenue cycle to ensure you can stay independent whatever the future brings. Let us show you how you can unburden yourself from the challenges that a changing healthcare environment places on your management of technology and reimbursement processes, and ultimately on your practice’s financial health. Don’t wait, hit us up for a free reimbursement evaluation and demo.

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