How Would Your Patients Rate Their Administrative Experience?

Oftentimes, practice owners are so laser-focused on managing their physical, occupational, and speech therapists, aides, and assistants that they overlook how the rest of their staff may be driving away patients and future referrals.

It’s a common problem with practices of all sizes. If your practice is like many, your administrative staff is often called upon to perform a wide variety of responsibilities in short order. All of that multi-tasking can lead to billing and paperwork errors, long periods for patients on hold, and frustration when scheduling follow-up appointments in the clinic. Remember, your front office personnel are the “face” of your practice to the public and your current patients.

Unless you happen to be in the right place at the right time to witness an isolated event, most patients won’t take the time to pull you aside and complain about the service they receive. Yet they won’t hesitate to seek therapy elsewhere later, or spread the word when their friends’ need a referral.

This is why is it is so important to be proactive in improving those customer services weaknesses while patients are still under your care. We recommend doing a customer satisfaction survey to discover those areas that need your managerial attention. The APTA’s OPTIMAL is a great tool to help you create this kind of survey. The Internet is also a great source of survey questions if you prefer to design your own.

Once you’ve come up with the right questions for the survey, you’ll be poised to answer some important questions of your own, such as “What can I do to empower my staff to perform tasks better than ever?” and “What can I do to elevate the overall patient experience?” Knowledge is power.

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