Technology is most powerful
When blended with

Most companies offering practice management solutions sell you just the software while leaving the rest up to you. Technology is most powerful when blended with experience. A/R management is not a line of business, it’s what we do, and we have been at it for almost 30 years. Since 2008, we have processed $1.4 billion in collections on behalf of our clients. That’s EXPERIENCE and that’s why ours is a totally different approach. We don’t sell an EMR or physical therapy billing software; we provide guidance, education and ongoing personal support, maximizing every aspect of the practice management platform you get from us.

Nearly 30 Years experience in getting our clients paid
98% or more clean claims submission rate to payers
8% or more payment increase per visit
30-40% decrease in billing cost

With our guidance you can create a more efficient and profitable practice. Our ongoing educational support helps you avoid problems while keeping you compliant. What confidence do you have in your current vendor’s ability to help keep you compliant? Partnering with BMS means you don’t need a compliance consultant. Our physical therapy EMR and practice management software is built on the experience that processing 3 million visits annually can deliver.