Essential PPS Success Guide

I’ve been asked by clients over the years why the PPS Annual Meeting is so valuable, and when one attends for their first meeting, how to best take advantage of the programming.

PPS is very valuable for two primary reasons:

  • Knowledge Content
  • Networking

When practice owners have their heads down working everyday it’s easy to lose sight and perspective. This is particularly true in trying to solve operational problems, growing and scaling your practice and understanding the importance of strategy to address the changing healthcare environment. The content is fresh and delivered by practice owners and industry experts in these topics. But, the volume and variety of programing can make deciding on what to attend daunting. Here are my recommendations about selecting content.

Content Selection

Programing is divided into three categories: basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of experience. As a new attendee your goals should be to brush up on some basic business operations skills, expose yourself to new ideas to solve one or two stubborn or emerging issues in your practice and to attend one or two sessions that will orient your thinking about the rapidly changing healthcare environment and how these may affect your practice. Peruse the programming with these goals in mind and pick the ones that you are excited about (or really need)!


Beyond the programming, the most valuable part of PPS is meeting your peers and having lots of opportunity for both structured networking and casual networking. Take advantage of as many of these opportunities as possible. The Roundtable discussions are an example of the structured networking around specific topics or practice management and marketing. The meals, social events, and coffees are excellent opportunities to engage your fellow practice owners, speakers, PPS and APTA officers and leaders. It’s great to meet people who are dealing with the same issues you do and who have similar goals and dreams. PPS members who have been attending for years will tell you that this is the most energizing and rewarding part of attending the Annual Meeting.

Do yourself a favor. Get out of your foxhole. If you haven’t gone before, you should. If you haven’t been for a while, you should go back. You will be enriched and you might even discover you know more than you think!

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