Customer Service: What Are You Getting From Your Software Vendor?

In the healthcare profession, providers pride themselves on the quality of care that they give their patients. Practice owners also stress to their staff not only the quality of care, but also the importance of customer service because it sets the standard of what patients and referrals can expect in your practice environment. But when it comes to your software vendors and technology providers are you getting the same quality customer service that you give to your patients?

Your technology vendor has significant touch points in your practice that can affect the customer service you provide to your patients. But what about the customer service they are providing you? Here are some questions you should ask yourself about your current technology provider and their customer service:

  1. Does your technology vendor answer the phone and can the person answering your call help you? You should be confident that someone is going to answer the phone and that person is going to be able to help you with your problem. If you are being transferred around to different people to help you address your issues, this is a waste of your valuable time.
  2. What is their response time? 75 % of customer support requests come through email, while the remaining 25 % come through the phone. When you initiate via email, do you receive a quick response outside of the automated response. Do you receive a call back from someone who is actually working to resolve the issue? Depending on the severity of your issue, having some resolution in a timely manner is not too much to ask from your vendor when you are paying your vendor for a SERVICE
  3. Training and Knowledge. Does your vendor provide you and your staff with quality training? Do you have easy access to training webinars, documents and other resources? Does your vendor make it easy to train new employees? Your vendor should make your practice more efficient by making it easy to onboard new employees. With the ever-changing healthcare landscape, you should have quick access to pertinent information such as the Resource Center that BMS Practice Solutions provides which helps you navigate the mandates of Functional Limitations Reporting and PQRS.

When you pay your vendor, you are paying for not only their technology but also for their customer service. BMS Practice Solutions understands that providing our clients with industry-leading customer service helps them achieve greater financial growth and a more efficient practice. Don’t believe us? Check out this video from one of our clients.

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