Case Study: Back to Motion Physical Therapy

Patty Pennell runs a small practice in downtown Denver called Back to Motion Physical Therapy. In 2014 Patty was using an EMR and billing software that was not integrated and was frustrated with not being able to pull reports she needed to run her practice effectively. Read Patty’s story on how switching to a fully integrated EMR and practice management solution exceeded her expectations.

The Need for a Solution

Q: What challenges or objectives were you facing in your practice that led you to look for a change in your practice management/EMR software?

A: “The last EMR system that our practice utilized was not integrated with the billing software. Consequentially pulling reports for any questions outside of a general AR question was difficult.”

The Decision Making Process

Q: How did you hear about BMS Practice Solutions?

A: “I went to a FOTO conference and met some staff there.”

Q: What was the most important to you when evaluating a new software/billing company?

A: “The cost to purchase and maintain an EMR as well as the integration of the billing software with scheduling and documentation portion of the EMR.”

The Implementation

Q: How long did it take to get up and running?

A: “From initial discussion to actual implementation in the clinic was three months.”

Q:  Describe your experience with training and support? Did they meet your expectations?

A: “The training and support was and continues to be beyond our expectations. I never expected to continue to have so much ongoing tech support after implementation.”

The Solution in Action

Q: Describe some of the features of RevFlow or our services you find most helpful and why?

A: “Personally I find the reporting options so helpful in my practice management. There are more than I need which is a nice problem to have. Also, I really appreciate how the documentation flags our clinicians for POC updates, for coding and charge mistakes and the ability to tract what notes have not been completed.”

The Results

Q: In what ways has partnering with BMS changed your practice?

A: “Most importantly my AR is finally manageable and consequently the amount collected per visit has increased. Since BMS is doing only PT billing the expertise is apparent in the decreased number of denials and unpaid claims.”

Q: What advice would you give other practice owners who are considering switching software vendors or billing services?

A: “Even if practices are happy with their current billing vendor they are not using a system that is integrated with their current EMR, there are a lot of inefficiencies and redundancies that can be resolved to save their practice money.”

Proof is in the Numbers


From 2014 to 2015 Patty’s payment per visit increased 6%. That increased revenue is still holding strong today.


In 2014 when Patty started with BMS, her DSO was at 54 days. Today it is 27!



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