BMS Bootcamp Webinar #2: How to Protect Your Practice from Itself

Don’t worry, there’s no need to grab the pepper spray or make a fist. In our next FREE webinar on February 28th at 9:00 a.m. PST, we won’t be demonstrating roundhouse kicks or flips. But we will show you had to stand firm and end up on better footing by implementing some important internal controls for your therapy practice.

This 30-minute workshop with a 15-minute follow-up Q & A session is designed for busy practice owners like you. We’ll take you through the critical procedures that you can implement (and capitalize on) right away to protect your business, patients, and employees.

Led by John Wallace, PT, MS, OCS, BMS Practice Solutions’ Chief Executive Officer, a nationally renowned speaker on rehabilitation revenue cycle management, coding and compliance, this insightful BMS Bootcamp Webinar session will show you how to:

• Safeguard your assets
• Ensure all information is timely and reliable, including financial, medical, and other business records
• Detect errors and irregularities quickly and correct them promptly
• Promote operational efficiency and effectiveness
• Create a culture of compliance with all managerial policies, laws and regulations
• Instill sound fiduciary principles

It’s time to arm yourself with new skills to manage every facet of your practice. Register now.

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