“Why am I not getting better?”

"Why am I not getting better" Fortunately, it's not something I hear TOO often in my practice, but it does happen Often it's because I need to change my approach or the client isn't doing his or... Read More

More Than “The Blues”

Everyone feels sad or "blue" at times It is natural part of life However, if sadness persists and interferes with everyday life, it may be depression Sadness associated with normal grief is... Read More

Maximum Therapy Benefits

Today's medical practice reimbursement climate is constantly changing This makes it difficult to understand the full details of each individual's coverage and benefits for services Insurance... Read More
what is an abn advance beneficiary notice

ICD-10 – Full Steam Ahead

Here is a quick update to let everyone know how things are progressing with ICD-10 We couldn't be more pleased All the hard work and preparation is paying off Claims are processing with very few... Read More
patient collections in physical therapy

Orthotics- Money walking out the door?

Does your office provide orthotics to patients For some therapists they provide an important treatment option for many conditions physical therapists treat However, if you and your staff aren’t... Read More
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